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*SO…  WHY?

I once watched a woman dancing with her ironing board. Dancing and ironing, delight within drudgery. Wow!

Looking across some decades of adult behavior, I cannot help but ask, “Where is the dancing?”  Sure, you could escort me to any number of night spots and with a pleased look on your face point to a mass of writhing bodies; but I am asking about a spontaneous heel click, some out-of-place foot-work or an


unexpected wiggle of the hips as we make our way through life.

Remember the fun emotions— wonder, curiosity, joy?  How about genuine surprise, true excitement; oh, and that eagerness to get out of bed?

How did we go from a vibrantly animated nucleus of emotional energy into a snooze-button, blurry-eyed, going-for-the-coffee lump of…?

How?  Come on in and take a peek: explore some ways of falling in love with life — again.


“Love like you’ll never be hurt / Sing like there’s nobody listening /

And live like it’s heaven on earth.”                     William W. Purkey

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